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About New Eyes

The New Eyes Project exists to serve all those involved in K-12 photography education: teachers, students, program directors, sponsors, arts-education theorists, and anyone else interested in teaching photography to young people around the world. We take our cue from László Moholy-Nagy, who wrote, in 1932, “The illiterate of the future will be ignorant of the use of camera and pen alike. The future of which Moholy-Nagy wrote is now.

The New Eyes Project seeks to encourage the teaching of photography to young people everywhere, by performing the following functions:

  • providing a central source of information on such initiatives wherever they are underway;
  • making expertise, information, and networking possibilities available to all those involved in such programs;
  • coordinating the efforts of such independent projects through a website, online forums, a newsletter, conferences, joint fund-raising strategies, and other appropriate means;
  • consolidating the pedagogy of these ventures, past and present, by publishing and/or enabling the publication of handbooks, workbooks for instructors, bibliographies, visual anthologies, and other essential teaching materials;
  • provoking research into the history of this significant international experiment in visual education for the young by providing an outlet for it; and
  • encouraging the production of books, exhibitions, and electronic media that bring these projects, and the fruits thereof, to the attention of the widest possible audience.

We see our roles as facilitators. This site, and the possibilities inherent in this project, will have whatever use value those who have committed themselves to teaching and studying photography on the K-12 levels, now and in the past, add to the framework we’ve put together here. Tell us how to shape it for you and your students and your teachers. Make it yours.

— A. D. Coleman, Executive Director, and John Alley, Project Coordinator/Webmaster

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