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People who teach preK-12 photography need all kinds of things: lesson plans, course-paks, instruction manuals, equipment (including ways of making your own), materials (including inexpensive substitutes for standard products), relevant readings for themselves and their students, bibliographies, ideas for exhibition methods . . . the list goes on.

Most K-12 photography education programs operate on a shoestring budget. Those who direct them preand teach in them invent solutions and devise ingenious methods for meeting their students’ needs. To see how some of your colleagues have solved a wide assortment of problems, go to the posts here at New Eyes. These comprise texts of different kinds that we’ve solicited and published here at The New Eyes Project.

These pages of Resources provide links to a variety of organizations, corporations, foundations, publishers, publications, and individuals accessible online independently of The New Eyes Project. They may include providers of funding and sponsorship, outlets for cheap cameras, vendors providing deep discounts on materials to teachers, publishers who donate books to libraries, or other forms of material and informational support. If you know of such supporters of preK-12 photography, tell us about them. We’ll list them here, and you can discuss your experience with them, and thank them, in The New Eyes Project Forum.

If you have taught preK-12 photography, you probably have something to contribute here.

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