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Readings: Classroom

We’ve found numerous sources online of writing about photography that may prove of interest to K-12 teachers and students for discussion in the classroom. As a matter of policy, we provide reference access only to those that publish material by permission of the authors. Here are links to those:

  • American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. (ASMP): Advisories on copyright, model releases, what professionals expect from assistants, and more. Particularly useful for students considering photography as a career. For secondary school teachers and students.
  • Apogee Photo: Self-described as “the Internet’s photography magazine . . . designed to inform and entertain photographers of all ages and levels,”Apogee includes interviews, profiles, and articles on technical subjects, some of them in a “Young People’s Photography Archives.”
  • Freestyle Teachers’ Lounge: Free registration at this site published by the noted distributors of tools and materials gives you access to charts, video clips of demonstrations, and other materials, including a “Holga Manual” (PDF download).
  • The Masters of Photography site has short biographies of numerous important figures, plus portfolios of representative images for many of them.
  • Nikon School & Workshops: This Nikon site for photo education provides online tutorials, slideshows, videos, and PDF downloads on assorted topics, plus profiles of selected professionals, q&a sessions with them, and more. For secondary-school level teachers and students.
  • Photocritic International, photo critic and historian A. D. Coleman’s widely read and controversial blog on photography and new digital technologies. For secondary school teachers and students.
  • Photography: Liz Masoner’s section of About.com is a source for information on a narrow range of matters photographic. (Peter Marshall’s earlier About.com posts on photography, ranging from technical issues to biographies of photographers to discussions of various forms, movements, and tendencies, were probably the best single online source for such material — written in easy-to-read, non-jargonized language, accessible to just about anyone. But they’ve vanished from the web.)
  • The Photography Criticism CyberArchive: Founded and directed by critic and historian A. D. Coleman, this is the largest online archive of writings about photography from by authors from Talbot and Daguerre through the present. Subscription-based. Query for subsidized access. For secondary school teachers and students.
  • PhotoWings, created by photographer Susan Katz, is another extremely valuable repository of and portal to large quantities of information. The site’s deep links to images and texts online elsewhere will connect you to a wealth of fascinating material for you and your students to explore. For secondary school teachers and students.
  • Teaching Photography, the companion website to The New Eyes Project, exists as a resource for teachers of studio photography and related subjects ― photo history, criticism, and theory; media studies; visual culture; etc. ― on the post-secondary level. Much of the material there, including assignments, can be adapted to the K-12 curriculum.
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